About Us and Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission at Who’s Your Doggie is to provide a safe, fun, and clean environment for dogs of all ages and sizes. We provide a stimulating, loving experience that promotes socialization and comfort, and we treat each and every dog as if he/she is our own. We build lasting relationships and ensure that every dog owner is comfortable with the care we provide and trusts us with their dog.

Morning walk with dog (black labrador retriever). Young man is training his puppy walking on the leash.

Free Night or Free Day for New Customers

This offer is good for new, first-time boarding or daycare clients. Subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offer.

How We Got Started

After driving 3,000 miles with our 4 dogs, we know what it’s like to want your dogs with you everywhere you go. Our life revolves around our dogs and what’s best for them.

Before we started Who’s Your Doggie, we never left our dogs anywhere but at Grandma’s house because boarding them was not an option. Small crates and impersonal staff weren’t going to make our dogs feel loved or like they were in a home away from home.

We knew that we needed to open a place that could serve as a home away from home for dog owners who travel or who work during the day – or even who are just busy for a few hours. A place where you can rest assured that your dog is not just okay while you’re away, but a place where you know your dog is having fun and is in good hands.

Now, we have that place. Our dogs stay at Who’s Your Doggie not only when we go away, but they’re here playing with the other dogs every day. We understand that regardless of where you leave your dog, they’re going to miss you – so our entire “pack” does our absolute best to keep your dog happy, busy and comforted while you’re away so he keeps his mind off of you.

Melissa & Richie Marter

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the staff who provide top-notch care to your dog during their stay at Who’s Your Doggie.

Melissa Marter

Melissa kissing her dogCertified in pet first aid, and has been training and sitting dogs for over 12 years. Formerly an NYC investigator with a BA in Criminal Justice, Melissa changed career paths and is now enrolled in a Master’s program for a degree in Animal Behavior Science. Melissa’s training methods are designed to match the temperament of each dog.  With her love for all animals big and small, she is truly an animal lover.

Our Team

The Who’s your Doggie team is a group of talented and passionate individuals who come together to make each guest feel like family. Our team undergoes extensive training to ensure the highest quality of care.