Professional Dog Training

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Why Train With Us?

Melissa Marter has been training dogs since 1999.  She has also trained her assistant to follow the same theory of behavior modification and now with their level of skill and knowledge on how to balance the energy between human and dog, you are guaranteed to have your problem fixed.  Your only job is to maintain the behavior.  They use a combination of methods depending on your unique situation. 

At Who’s Your Doggie training academy, we aren’t limited to only one method of dog training. This is essential because all dogs respond differently to methods of training.

We match the training method to the specific temperament of your dog so that he/she can learn in their own way at their own pace.  We are confident that you’ll see amazing results on the first day. We’ll work with you hand-in-hand so that reinforcing the training is a job you can handle every day.

Training your dog is step one. Training their humans is next. That’s why we offer follow-up visits to provide ongoing guidance and help you maintain what your dog has learned. Our goal is to make sure you are empowered to follow through with the training and that things are working out well.

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Dog Training Boot Camp

We do all the obedience training for you.

We train for obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, come, heel, off, no barking, wait, drop it, leave it, stealing food, jumping on furniture and counters,  aggression (higher price), leash walking, and off-leash commands (off leash is higher price).

  • Your dog stays with us for 10-14 day (on average) The price is the same regardless!
  • When your dog returns we offer follow up service (included) to make sure dog is not regressing and that you are following through with everything.
  • Includes three (3) follow-up visits at no additional cost
  • Additional dogs are discounted depending on breed and desired training.

There is also an option for daily drop off boot camp if your do not wish to leave your dog overnight, This is available for special circumstances and may not be suitable for your specific case.

There is a guarantee with all boot camps We guarantee that you will see improvement in your dog or you do not pay.  We also offer follow up visits to ensure you and your dog are working well together. We also come out for refreshers if your dog is not listening to commands months or years after training.  (As long as you are doing your part)

There is NO GUARANTEE on aggression.  We can never guarantee your dog will not bite someone.  We can however, get you on a management plan that will better the quality of life for you and your dog.

  • Please call for pricing.
  • Additional training packages available. Please call for pricing.

Note: Aggression and separation anxiety are not typically fixed with training, they involve a management plan.  We can create a plan for you on how to manage your dog’s aggression.  In many cases, people who say their dog has aggression or separation anxiety can address and fix the simple problem with an effective plan.

Private Dog Training Lessons

This one hour is so effective we personally guarantee if you don’t see results, you don’t pay.  In one hour we will accomplish what would normally take you 6 weeks to accomplish in a group class, and it saves you gas!!!

Private lessons are available in your home or location of your choice. A one-hour lesson may be broken up into several small sessions depending on the need. If we can’t get a dog to perform a certain task, we can make several visits to accomplish our goals. For example if your dog is barking at guests, we can make several short visits to reinforce the door manners.  We make training easy and fun. Please call for pricing.

In just one lesson we can accomplish Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Leave it, or any other set of commands you wish (If your dog allows). We also handle behavior issues; however, this may be on a management plan, this MAY not be solved with one visit.

Our Clients Say It Best

Who’s Your Doggie takes care of my senior dog Maxwell like he is part of all their family!

— Glenn L., Milford, CT

The staff and care provided is second to none. 5 Stars!!!!!

— Matt

Very good care and loving atmosphere. Ella loves going to day care.

— Magdalena G.

Who's Your Doggie is the best! We have three dogs, and they love to board with these folks.

— Leslie A.

Billy and Floyd love going to Who’s Your Doggie, it is like summer camp. They can't get out of the car fast enough and get in the door for all the fun.

— Ann Marie K.

Potty Training

Please call for pricing.

  • We do all the potty training for you
  • Your dog stays with us for 10-14 days (on average, this varies with each dog)
  • We will give you follow up instructions to help your dog make the transition to his home.
  • Additional dogs are discounted depending on breed and desired training

Note: Small dogs require ongoing reinforcement to maintain behaviors learned in potty training, since they like to urinate on rugs and soft surfaces. So even if they come to Who’s Your Doggie for potty training, you must maintain a schedule to ensure your dog stays on track.

Mini Boot Camp

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If your dog already knows basic commands yet doesn’t stop jumping, begging at the table, nipping, etc.

  • We do obedience training for you for specific command
  • Your dog stays with us for 5-7 days
  • Additional dogs are discounted depending on breed and desired training

Our Guarantee

While there are no refunds on dog training, we guarantee that you will see results on your training when we bring your dog home or after your first lesson. Dogs may often regress or test you, which is why we offer follow up visits with bootcamp to help you maintain your dog’s behavior. If your dog is untrainable for any reason or we cannot fix the problem at all, we will not charge you.