All Boarding includes daycare

We always maintain constant “fun but firm” energy for our guests – this ensures every dog has fun and gets the care and social attention they need for good health, as well as the structure and supervision they need from humans during their dog boarding experience. We have beds and couches at your request that give your dog the comforts of home while you’re away. your dog can even sleep in a room here with us –

We use the Kinn Kleanbowl system here.  

It is the 100% germ free dog bowl and is proven to help dogs in kennels situation to eat more. Click the link below to learn more.  



Drop Off and Pick Up at Who’s Your Doggie

You may drop off your dog at any time; however we prefer you drop off at least a few hours before closing so we may have adequate time to prepare a room and dinner for your dog before closing time. It is best if your dog can play, get nice and tired, and ready for bed in the evening.

You may pick up your dog at any time, however after 3:00pm there is a $20 half-day charge.

We offer early drop-off and late pick-up within one hour outside our normal business hours for $20 – if it’s more than one hour outside of our normal hours, the early/late pick-up fee is $30.

The earliest early drop off is 6:00 am and the latest late pick up is 10:00 pm - this does need to be scheduled beforehand.

We can pick up and/or drop off your dog for you – within 15 miles the fee is $25, and outside of 15 miles the fee is $1.50 per mile. (if you live 60 miles away the pick up fee would be $90.00)., International boarding & pet services Association member


Peak rates apply during holiday stays

Additional dogs are discounted!


Peak rate $49

Standard Room 5'x6', 10'x6', or 10'x10'

A Standard room has a private enclosure with a bed



Peak rate $51

Living Room

This is our private room with a sofa and Television in it.  It is a bit more quiet and has all the accommodations of home



Peak rate $62

TLC Package

One on one overnight care where your dog can sleep with someone or directly next to someone if needed. ask for the TLC package!
(this is based on availability and fills up fast, please book in advance for this special service)