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Our groomer Ashley has 6 years of experience grooming many different breeds and is also certified in Pet CPR & First Aid. She attends continuing education seminars yearly to brush up on her skills and make sure your pup looks amazing after their spa day with us.

We offer a cage free option for your dog as well for additional fee depending on size and temperment of your dog 


After 15 minutes, there is a $15 late fee for all drop off as this pushes all grooming appointments back.

24 hour cancelation policy:

There is a charge for no shows which is equal to half the price of the grooming price.  A no show results in loss of revenue since we could have scheduled another dog in that spot. 


Q: If my dog is matted can he be brushed out?

A: No, it is not fair to your dog to pull on his fur for several hours.  Dogs with matts will be shaved. 

Q: If my dog is overweight or challenging to work with can he still be groomed?

A: Yes, although if it takes a helper to manage your dog because he/she is overweight or difficult to work with, there is an additional fee depending on size and situation. 

Q: Will my dog be socializing with other dogs?

A: No, if your dog is here for grooming, your dog will be separate from other dogs. 

Q: Do you express anal glands?

A: No, our groomer recommends seeing a vet for this procedure.

Q: My dog is in heat, can you groom her?

A: No, females in heat produce hormones and pheromones that may make other dogs act out. Please reschedule your grooming appointment if your dog goes into heat. 


Please contact Ashley directly via phone call or text for pricing as prices vary for each dog size and condition. 


Ashley 203-610-3203

cage free dog grooming option
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